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    Friday, March 7, 2008

    Our Law Firm's Business Philosophy

    At Griffith & Jacobson, we mean business – your business. Our driving philosophy and our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with efficient, affordable legal solutions for all of your business needs. In order to achieve this goal, we believe it is important to be:

    • Proactive – We are "can-do." There are no "legal problems", only obstacles to confront and solutions to find.
    • Direct – We help identify your issues, analyze the options available to you and provide you with clear and concise advise.
    • Efficient – We address the identified issues and commit only needed resources and persons to resolving them.
    • Tenacious – We own your issue until it is resolved or mitigated. An issue is not resolved until you are satisfied it has been fully addressed.
    • Diligent – We step into your shoes. An issue can only be fully understood from your viewpoint.
    • Responsive – You should never feel you do not know the status of your matter.
    • Accountable – Every project will have a deadline and will be completed by that deadline; except as circumstances out of our control change.
    • Accessible – We strive to return every telephone message on the day it is received, preferably within two hours, and return all messages within one business day.
    • Available – Information flow must flow freely to resolve maters to your satisfaction. We prefer to communicate with you
      (in descending order of preference):
      a. Face to face,
      b. By telephone,
      c. Via email, and then
      d. By letter or fax.
    • Affordable – We strive to present practical options and a cost-effective, comprehensive legal resolution of your business issues in a timely manner.
    For more information, please contact Arieh M. Flemenbaum at Griffith & Jacobson, LLC at 312-236-8110.

    Griffith & Jacobson, LLC – Chicago lawyers who know your business.

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