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    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    Key characteristics of a good business attorney

    Below are a few key characteristics of a good attorney that you may use to evaluate whether or not a prospective business attorney may be right for you (in no particular order of relevance or importance):

    • Advocate: An attorney needs to be supportive and not just sympathetic to your cause. You do not want a "yes" man. A good attorney is supposed to tell you where you may be wrong. Can the attorney be straight-forward with you?

    • Judgment: Are you comfortable with their business judgment? Do they seem to exercise reasonable and sound business judgement? Or are they too theoretical, impractical and/or out-of touch with your business reality well-thought ideas and reasons.

    • Availability: Do they have adequate time to take on your matters. Make sure to get a commitment from the attorney.

    • Communication - No "Legalese" please: Your attorney must be able to explain to you even the most complex issues into terms you understand. Your attorney is supposed to find solutions for you, not mystify you.

    • Foresight/Proactive: Does the attorney think of ways to help you and your business? Do they seem to understand the problems you are likely to have? Do they have a plan to avoid likely problems?

    • Professionalism: Are they organized and handle themselves with professionalism? Are they respectful of your time - were they on time?

    • Resources: Do they have the resources and connections you may need to support your business? Do they know the players in your industry? Ask about their Affiliations with accountants, financial advisors, bankers, and other professionals. Can you leverage their resources, connections and referrals?


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